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Wow, haven't seen this thing in a long time. [16 Jul 2008|10:17am]
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Hi there. I've decided to revive this journal for personal reasons.

I'm going to talk a bit about myself ^^ My name is Rebecca Patience Agnes Wilde. I know, my middle names are strange, I'm named after three of my great-grandmothers. My parents decided not to give me the name Elizabeth, since 1. I already had her last name, 2. Three names is definately enough for any kid (^^;) and 3. I have an Aunt Elizabeth who my family doesn't talk to.

I'm 18 yrs old, soon to be 19 (in a month ^^). I am a Christian and I belive strongly in and love God. If you are an athiest, that's fine, but please don't try to change my beliefs and I will respect your's too. I'm also an otherkin -- meaning that I believe that my soul (created by God) was, for whatever reason, accidently or on purpose incarnated in a human body. My true form is a kind of nymph or faery who were the attendants of Artemis/Diana on the moon before humans even existed. (Artemis, btw, was a kind of supreme faery or archangel, not really a goddess, since there is only one God, but she was very powerful). After the Fall of Mankind my kind ceased to exist on earth, but because we have no place in heaven (Diana is no longer there tho' we don't know where she is) we were incarnate into human bodies, such as myself. Human people are not reincarnate because they go to heaven or hell when they die. If you are one of my people or you have ANY information on them, PLEASE contact me!!

I live with my boyfriend whom is a cat therian which makes him a little afraid of technology ^^ he doesn't like the Internet too much. We have a good life and I am very happy.

I love to ddraw and actually have a new scanner now so maybe I will show some of my drawings here or elsewhere. Anyways that's the end of this entry so I hope you enjoy and will comment + add me. :)

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[31 Oct 2006|02:20am]
birth brings unasking
a child to the world
delivered from darkness
where once she was curled
she's screaming her presence
yells fiercely hurled
she's braced against heartache
her wings are unfurled

life brings unasking
a girl to the door
given to darkness
in the arms of a whore
she's singing on moonbeams
with lips that adore
tomorrow they'll tell her
she can't dream anymore

death brings unasking
a soul to the deep
surrendered to darkness
forever asleep
she's crying a river
with eyes that do weep
but her heart does not sorrow
her lot she shall keep

xposted to my otherkinpoets
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if u see this [31 Oct 2006|12:39am]
if you see this please IM me i need to talk to someone ....
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hi. [19 Aug 2006|11:25pm]
I am back after an almost-year-long abscence from LJ. To put it breifly i have been in and out of group homes and psych wards all year including a stint where I was being medicated for schizophrenia because my parents found out I was otherkin. If anyone wants details they can AIM me.
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i feel sick . . . . [12 Sep 2005|05:07pm]
like everything's gone wrong

i don't know who i am anymore
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[05 Sep 2005|03:42pm]
i've always felt so different. . . .

. . .why don't i fit in????
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school [29 Aug 2005|06:50pm]
Well, today was my first day of school.

I don't know if I'd mentioned this to anyone, but this is my first day of high school in America. i've been living in Toronto, Canada for three years . . . but I came back in June. Tammy and my friends and I have hung out a few times since then but it's really just not the same . . . .

so I went to school today . . . said hi to Tammy . . . my teachers suck. and so do the people. they yell at you if you look at them.
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OK: [20 Aug 2005|08:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i am sorry i haven't been around for a few days


as it turns out, there was some crazy fuck-up at the lab where my blood was tested and they told like 12 people they had leukemia when only one of them did. the guy who did it was fired. turns out i have anemia, not leukemia. woohoo! iron supplements for me.

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oh God [16 Aug 2005|06:54pm]
[ mood | horrified ]

wow, I don't even know how to say this, but...I went to the doctor last week because I'd been getting dizzy spells, so they did a blood test for anemia, and uh...they found about a zillion white blood cells, which means i probably have leukemia. they have to do more tests...but i just dont know what to think....but, just pray for me, ok?

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GUESS WHAT TODAY IS!! [13 Aug 2005|06:51am]


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PICTURE!! [12 Aug 2005|01:24am]

It's just one, but now you can finally see what I look like:

Here it is!!!Collapse )

Now aren't i sexy?<333 you all
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GOD [11 Aug 2005|05:14am]
SOME PEOPLE (*coughcough*chokeonmyheel, kailie and notlynn) have decided to cause drama on my journal & spam my goddamn inbox with 63 goddamn comment e-mails

well FUCK THAT kthx you have all been banned from commenting.

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[11 Aug 2005|03:54am]

i'm so there.
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hehe [07 Aug 2005|07:40pm]
I had a dream that i was being sexually tortured by Draco Malfoy. ;)
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BEST TIME EVER [07 Aug 2005|04:37am]
[ mood | happy ]

okay so yesterday i was really depressed cuz my mom wouldnt let me take the car to the mall so i had to get a ride with tammy's mom (tammy being my BEST FRIEND SINCE KINDERGARTEN, LOVE YOU TAMMY BAMMY BERRY PIE!) which kinda sucked.

but then we were wandering around shopping and there was this little place set aside because this clown had come to advertise something and he was making all the kids balloon animals. and tammy and shannon and heather (other friends) and i stood around kind of watching and then suddenly shannon's like, "i dare one of you to go up to him and ask him to make you a balloon penis." and we were all just like, "NO WAY," right? but then my crazy little tammy ACTUALLY DID IT!!!

that's right, she went up to the clown and she was like, "hi!" and the clown kinda looked at her funny and said, "so what kind of animal would you like your balloon to be?" and she says, "oh, can you do something other than an animal?" and the clown goes, "well that depends; what do you want?" and she goes: "a penis."

the clown is just like, "what did you say?"

and she says really really loudly and clearly, almost yelling, "I want you to make me a balloon penis."

and there was this really really really long silence and then all the little kids started laughing and so did shannon & heather & i and all the moms were SO MAD and they called security and got us kicked out of the mall, but it was SO worth it for that moment epescially since we almost never go there anyway.

so yeah it turned out to be a really fun time!!! <333 luv y'alls

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hey again [05 Aug 2005|09:58pm]
So, my mom started to teach me to drive yesterday. IT WAS SO SCARY but so much fun!!! i loved feeling that much in control!! but I think my mom was ultra-scared that i would like, crash into something or whatever. I actually almost did back into a tree but then I didn't and that was ok.

I also joined some new communities, including the EXTREMELY FUCKING INTOLERANT AND STUPID comm, anti_bisexual but don't worry I just joined to fucking yell at them for being such assholes. goddamn, why can't people just accept other people's sexualities, and another thing, their page title is NOT funny, that "am I right" thing went out with the eighties.


ok i'm done with that.

but seriously that kind of shit shouldn't be allowed on livejournal

i told jessy that and she laughed.

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First post!!!! :D [02 Aug 2005|11:24pm]
Hi!!! This is my first post!! My big sister Jessy got me a LiveJournal and made me this ultra-cute avatar so I thought I'd start using it.

I'm Becca & I'm 15 years old (16 in two weeks!) & I'm not allowed to say where I live on the Internet. :( But it is a very cool place to live and all the cool kids wanna live there.

Aaaand I finally went out and got mah Learner's Permit yestah-day. I'm gonna learn tah driiive 'cuz I'm that cooool and I'm gonna have some funnnn and skip some schoool. Hehe.

More later, but for now Jessy's gonna show me how to join communities!! CYA!!
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